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Solopsism: A Review

So I have been looking back over this blog. Goes all the way back to 2005! Actually 2004 where I wrote one entry and then ditched the blog for a year!

I restarted the blog twice in 2005 but then I covered lots of topics;

My weetabix has gone mushy. You can't ear weetabix and do something else. you have to get it ate, else it goes beyond nice into the realm of porridge and wretching as it goes down your throat. Even the dog isn't particularly keen on eating it.

dentistry, The Ashes series and Buffy covered with titles like

"Tea through a straw - it's no life"
"And they call it Buffy Love"

The History Boys, starting third year uni, smoking, tea parties and getting conjuntivitus - summed up here -

"This morning i faced major illness set backs including frostbite and gout a.k.a a sore eye and a rash on my face (why the face, why oh why?) i do look slightly sinister or like some form of pale faced seige victim."

some unusual titles with no connection to the content
"eek squeak looking tres chic"

"Twiglet induced violence"

and basically lots of nonsense

we saw a fake heron today. it was SOO tall. Like if it was sitting next to me it's head would beabove my elbow (what use is that to you?)

today i have followed emma around saying 'tiramisu?' in a funny voice to make her giggle. my life is so worthwhile...

The clothes horse is round the corner and when you come out of the bathroom and turn it it scares the bejesus' out of you.

and I ended 2005 in classic style

"arse i just threw tea down my trousers/ How stupid am I? I was about to write a nice entry about how i went to manchester today and had a jolly good time and i can't because i have to go and change my trousers AND they were clean on this morning. Ho! it never rains but it pours."

onto 2006 which was mainly meme's and big letters with talk of Disney and Dissertation ("Help me not fail")

and on my birthday

Good Morning from Egotist central, a quick news flash to let you know that the impossible has actually happened. I turned 21, it must've happened while i was asleep, cos when i woke up i was like, 'erm hello 21'

An attempt at a catchphrase to end posts "Now go do muggle things"

News about Volcano Day
I fucking did it! I passed! Yes!!!! Results are in and i have def. passed!! I dunno like if it's a 3rd or whatever but i got my grades to say i did it!!

My poor excuse for a dissertation got a C-
the essays i thought i'd failed both got D+'s
I got a C for writing workshop which i should have got a better grade in
and a B for scriptwriting!

And later the reveal of it being a 2:2
The birth of WitW
Getting a job
Starting Brownies.

Ending the year with "Quite Possibly the Prettiest Advent Calender in the world"

Life started and the blog tailed off. Or I became even more egotisical and lazy and only did Meme's instead of thiking up good titles (like 'Marmite and Washing')

2007 - now

picture postings and then silence.
A reactivation post and an attempt at restarting in Jan 2009. with 2 posts in the nest 2 months.

And now we're here and I'm not going to lie - as fun as this review has been I CAN'T BLOG. I CAN'T KEEP A DIARY. IT'S JUST NOT ME.


May. 9th, 2010

Just keeping the journal ALIVE

FM on ITV2

I just watched FM.

ITV have realised that if they want to use the fword in the way real people use it they have to demote a show to ITV2. Fortunatley thay have had the sense to put it on the ITV player.

I have to say that I love Nina Sosanya. I find Chris O'Dowd funny and as long as he's not being a drunken dick throwing things at people Kevin bishop is talented and alright to look at.

Couple that with the usual 'lie to impress the girl' 'misunderstand the mate' storylines and it adds up to something generally watchable that's not trying to be anything else. Add cameos from bands and singers, centre it around the relationship of the central three on the radio station and that's FM.

Watch i here, unless you don't like the f word... i do!


all of a twitter...

.... and other such jokes.

I have joined Twitter, and it's more than weird. It's like stalking with the person's permission. Obviously I know that the person 'twittering' will only put on what they want people to know, but even so I would never have known that Stephen Fry has had a powercut whilst in hollywood. that Graham Linehan (wrote father ted) was in a poker game or what several of my favourite comedians / actors / writers are having for tea! The exact thing I want to know about them!

It's like any new internet pass time, it will soon become another annoyance that EVERYONE knows about and everyone is on.

But now, while it's still new (to me) I'm enjoying it.

And it's a darn sight better than the cricket!



ha ha, I looked at the writers block questions until I found one I liked and then I was able to think about Simon Lipkin
The one on the right, though I love the middle one just as much (sorry claire)

But I didn't really want to answer a writers block question as I don't really have writers block. I have, as ever ALOT to say for myself, but at this moment in time I am thinking about pyjamas or as I call them P Y Jamas as if they were a person or Jimmers, in a west country accent.

When we were little 'Get your pyjama's on' was like the bell tolling before the execution, the signal that there was no hope of being forgotten no matter how quietly you sat in the corner barely breathing incase you were noticed. It meant... BEDTIME.

Life must have been so enjoyable back then that BEDTIME was an end to it all. How marvellous that sleep was seen as spoiling the fun, why end the day when there is so much more to learn to discover to be enthusiastic about, I'm not tired, at least I don't think I am, there's so much more to do and yet now you are bringing it to a conclusion, like the first people to leave the party, you know everyone will soon follow suit and you will be left with the cleaning up to do.

But now, BEDTIME is no longer in capitals, it is no longer decided by anyone else, but does it come at the right time? When we are young we're put to bed in order to have enough sleep to be ready to face the next day, when we are self governed how do we know how much we'll need? Infact, bedtime now acts as an escape, if you had a bad day 'bedtime' if a program you don't want to watch is on it's sleeptime, if you're sick off you go to bedfordshire but it's rarely something we don't want to do. Infact, it's become the opposite.

As adults we seem to pine for our bed, for sleep, the earlier we tell ourselves 'get your pyjama's on' the better we feel.

So what happened? What took the joy out of wanting to be awake forever just incase we missed something, to slinking off to bedrooms to indulge in the very thing we used to hate.

Somewhere along the line we all stop seeing the world with a childs eyes, we know what to expect in a day we know what, if anything we'll learn and we know at the end of the day the place you feel safest from reality, the place you feel better from illness and the place where you know you can escape is 'bed'.

shame really, becasue I think we all KNOW the world IS still magical, but not if you shut it out.

katie x

bless all the dear children

Me: What are you going to be when you grow up.
3 year old girl: A lady.

You cannot deny it, children are and always have been smarter and funnier than any adult ever will be. They are more annoying and whiney than any adult because you can tell a whinning adult to 'Get over it' not so much when it's a four year old.

However, it makes you feel glad that a room full of children from three to ten got together to play a massive game of families complete with good dog, bad dog, three daughters and a swimming pool. The stressed mother argued with the 'trying to take charge' father, the dogs barked and slept, the children ate and slept and then dad took them all (dogs included) to the swimming pool while mum worked uttering the immortal line (I'm not here) when someone addressed her. It was really nice to see that they didn't need a TV screen, a computer console or any adult input whatsoever to get on no matter who they were.

God love 'em. Especially the little girl who "Wants to be a teacher becasue you get a white board." Now that should be on the advert!

Katie x


Today I am cross.

There is no real explanation for this crossness and there is no known cure. And it is not known if there is an unknown cure.

I didn't want to go to work, nothing unusual there but never to the extent where I have made whining noises and sat cross legged on the floor. Not that anyone was bothered or could stop the fact I had to go to work.

At the minute I wish I was doing nothing. Literally nothing, just floating in space hardly even being just still. That way, I'd get so bored i'd be glad to get back to mundane banality to lavish you with a tautology.

If this crossness stays there will be trouble. Chances are it'll be forgotten by tomorrow....

watch this space


I was asked, at college today to say what the 'stereotype of a woman was' the question was so confusing for me and even though it was a one on one with the tutor who told me I could be as derogatory as I wanted and my brain failed. I think I got to that they are perceived as the weaker gender, and they can't fold maps. Obviously this is NOT what the tutor wanted because she then asked for the stereotype of a teenager... This I could do,

"Well," I said sarcasmed to the back teeth, "They are always rebellious and always cross and messy and..."
"Right that's fine."
and then she signed a box on a form.

The first question had been 'what is a risk assessment' which I answered straight off and she wrote 'answered sufficiently' in the box marked H&S discussed. The 'stereotype' question corresponded to box 'E&D discussed' E and D???? Stereotypes... not sure.

As I walked out of college I realised what I should've said and why it didn't come as easily as the teenager one...

I should have said about staying at home to have children, looking after husbands, being submissive... but that's not the stereotype... that's the olden days... so is it Sex in the City style, i love shoes, i love chocolate, drama - bitchiness - hair and nails...


And is the reason I don;t know because I am a woman? And because of that I couldn't be objective? I have no problem being derogatory about women, I constantly am and have just been above but why was I able to be so eloquent about teens but struggle with women?

I don't understand



My Dad got a bread maker for christmas and I have been nagging him to make cinnamon bread. The day ARRIVED! When I got in from brownies it was there, waiting for me. It is the tastiest thing created by mankind..!

It makes think what other bread you can have, chocolate bread if you add cocoa. What if you added milksake powder you could have strawberry flavoured bread? What about chilli bread? Or gravy bread!!

Gravy bread would be all the joy of mopping up gravy without the dripping!

We also reinvented a phrase as he was baking "Yeast said soonest mended." Then we tried to put the word 'yeast' in other phrases to lesser effect.


One year on.

It's a year since my accident. A year today, well at about six o'clock it'll be dead on a year. How strange to think that I have got through one of the worst things (i hope) that will ever happen to me. I don't count own death, or death of people I know they are given, they will happen. Death is unavoidable, but I mean incidents that are unexpected. Total random happenstances. And this was the worst one.

But a year has passed, the worst is over. And I have to admit how surpised how well I am. Surprised at my behaviour, how I managed. How people around me managed but today I am all about me.

"Aren't I brave?" "Aren't I amazingly well adjusted to be able to carry on?"


I wasn't brave, I'm not adjusted but WHAT is the point of sitting in front of a mirror looking at scars that WILL fade and wishing they weren't there? It's just a waste of time and I knew that and still know it.

If still having flashbacks, that are sometimes by accident self induced (I know that's a massive oxymoron but I think you'll understand) a year on, if I still feel a twinge when my own barks at the door or growls at nothing makes me brave. Then I am.

But I'm not.

I'm not well adjusted. Far from it. Who is. How can you adjust to the mental world that we live in. If anything, I'm the opposite. I refuse to adjust who I am to the world I live in.

But life goes on. What else do we have?

love you muchly. xx